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January 31, 2015

The state of brewing

Excellence is on tap at Capital Brewery

Middleton MapIt’s no secret that Wisconsin is home to some of the best breweries on the planet. It should be also added that Wisconsin is home to some of the world’s best beer drinkers. The reasons for this can be traced to the German immigrants who settled the Badger State and brought with them centuries of beery tradition. Once upon a time, Wisconsin boasted hundreds of breweries. After years of consolidation in the industry, today smaller craft brewers in Wisconsin are creating beers that are regarded as some of the best in the nation. Middleton’s Capital Brewery is a brewery that’s helping lead the charge.

BockfestAn array of excellence
Capital Brewery produces an ever-evolving selection of beer. Many these beer varieties have won numerous platinum awards at the Great American Beer Festival and other top-tier competitions. The brewery has won 200 major awards in both domestic and international competitions in over 15 categories. It was also named Grand National Champion in the 2013 US Open Beer Championship.

What makes Capital Brewery special?
Beer aficionados who taste one of Capital Brewery’s ales or lagers often comment on how closely each beer holds to the standards of its variety. Some of the brewery’s popular beers include Supper Club, Capital Dark, Island Wheat, Oktoberfest, Lake House, Winter Skal and and Ghost Ship.

Tour the brewery! Take the tour
If you love beer, then you have to tour the Capital Brewery.

The Capital Brewery Tour & Tasting is a 30-45 minute BREW-VENTURE. Cost is $7 per person and includes a tour of the Capital Brewery facility, a commemorative glass and 4 samples or one pint of award winning beer. The brewery is located at 7734 Terrace Avenue at the western end of Middleton’s beautiful downtown area.


Visit the National Mustard MuseumDon’t forget the mustard
The perfect pairing for a Capital Brewery tour is a visit to the National Mustard Museum. Located just a few blocks from the brewery, the museum has a lot of mustard — in fact, more than five thousand jars, bottles and tubes from all 50 states and 60 countries.


January 15, 2015

Get outside, get active,have fun!

snow shoe

Here’s how to make it happen.

Start 2015 off on the right note with some outdoor winter activities that are as fun as they are healthy. Here’s what you can do, and here’s the best place to do it.

What to do: outrun winter

Where to do it: Middleton
Middleton is a great city for winter running because of what you’ll find – or perhaps not find- underfoot. One of the city’s premier running routes has a special feature that really sets it apart this time of year. The Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor Trail is constructed with a special porous asphalt surface that helps ice and snow melt away. This special trail construction keeps the surface good for running all year long. The sure footing you’ll find on this trail, combined with the picturesque terrain of the wooded Pheasant Branch corridor, makes this a best bet for winter running.

What to do: Skate through history

Where to do it: Oshkosh
Menominee Park in Oshkosh is a fantastic place to lace up the skates. This beautiful park, which features lagoons connected to along the shore of Lake Winnebago has been a center of outdoor recreation for well over a century. The park was founded in 1890 on what was once part of an old farmstead. Today Menominee Park is a classic outdoor skating location. Enjoy a pickup game of hockey, take to the ice with a special someone or spend some quality time with your kids. Any time on the ice in Oshkosh is time well spent.

What to do:Ski a glacier’s ghost

Where to do it: West Bend
The glaciers that once blanketed Wisconsin receded and died thousands of years ago but they continue to haunt Wisconsin’s landscape. The glaciers dropped giant chunks of ice, which gouged big depressions into the soil called kettles. They also left behind huge amount of rocks and soil as they melted, forming piles of debris called moraines. So while Wisconsin’s glaciers are long gone, they have left some beautiful, hilly terrain that’s perfect for cross-country skiing. You’ll find a nice section of it- about 30,000 acres – just north of West Bend in the northern unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest. Today, trails run across the length of the park and thanks to the glaciers, the scenery is unforgettable.

Three winter recreation tips:

Dress in layers
Once you get moving it’s sometimes amazing how warm you can get. If you dress in layers it’s easy to shed a garment and stay the perfect temperature.

May the wind be at your back
When there’s a breeze, it’s always a good idea to start your winter activities headed into the wind. That way, you’ll finish your workout on a warm note.

 Not all water is frozen
Staying hydrated is important in the winter, just as it is in the summer. When you’re out getting some exercise, don’t forget to bring a beverage along.

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