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March 23, 2017


Hodag Rhinelander
The clue to a perfect getaway

There’s no mystery about why people vacation in Wisconsin. You’ll find beautiful lakes and forests and attractions that are second to none. But mystery surrounds some of these destinations. In some places, strange, unexplained sightings intrigue travelers and locals alike. Who knows—you could be the vacationer who unlocks the riddle while enjoying a fantastic getaway.

Paulding Mystery LightLand O’ Lakes

On the border of Wisconsin and Michigan, Land O’ Lakes is the perfect place to launch an outdoor adventure. North of the border in Paulding, Michigan, people have spotted a mysterious light for decades. While skeptics say the Paulding Mystery Light is nothing more than car headlights, others say the light was seen long before cars traveled these forest roads. So what is this mysterious light? Visit Paulding for yourself and reach your own conclusion. Even if you don’t get to the bottom on this mystery, you’ll experience the breathtaking beauty of the Ottawa National Forest as the stars come out.

The Hodag, Rhinelander

Since 1893, people around the beautiful Northwoods community of Rhinelander have reported sightings of a mythical creature called the Hodag. What exactly is the Hodag? As legend has it, the Hodag is a lizard-like creature covered with spikes. It supposedly steals golf balls and record-sized musky off anglers’ lines. Next time you’re enjoying the outdoors in the Rhinelander Area, keep an eye out for something unusual—a flash of green in the trees, something dashing across the trail, or maybe just an odd sound in the distance while you’re fishing. It might be the Hodag!


March 9, 2017

Your Guide to Wisconsin’s Best Brewery Getaways

Beer Flight
Sample unique local brews

Good times are always on tap at Wisconsin’s breweries. The Dairy State has long sipped more than milk – beer is part of the state’s culture, and today Wisconsin is home to some of the country’s best and most innovative microbreweries. Some of these breweries are located in the heart of wonderful vacation destinations, so travelers can relax, sample outdoor attractions and taste delicious ales and pilsners.

Here are four destinations worth a visit:

Middleton (Capital Brewery)

With 80 restaurants, a vibrant shopping district and expansive trails and natural areas, there’s a lot to do in Middleton. There’s also a lot of great beer! For more than 30 years, Capital Brewery has been producing award-winning beers in the heart of Middleton’s historic downtown. No visit is complete without a trip to the brewery, which has a tasting room, tours and special events. In the summer, be sure to check out the lively Bier Garten.

Boulder Junction (Aqualand Ale House)

Boulder Junction is a perfect place to relax in the Northwoods – the Musky Capital of the World™ is surrounded by nearly 200 lakes. But the relaxation doesn’t just happen in the great outdoors. Right on Main Street, the Aqualand Ale House is a great place to unwind with a world-class beer. You’ll find 20 craft beers on tap as well as an assortment of bottled beer, wine and coffee. Aqualand Ale House also has tasty pizzas, paninis and appetizers.

Stevens Point Area (Central Wisconsin Craft Collective)

The Stevens Point Area is home to the Central Wisconsin Craft Collective, a collection of breweries, wineries and a distillery. The collective includes some of the best-known craft brewers in the state, including O’so Brewing Company in Plover, Central Waters Brewing Company in Amherst, Kozy Yak Brewery in Rosholt and Stevens Point Brewery, one of the nation’s oldest brewers. The Stevens Point Area also has lots of great restaurants and lodging, so it’s a great place for an extended beer lover’s getaway.

Oneida County (Minocqua Brewing Company & Rocky Reef)

In the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Oneida County is known for beautiful scenery and fantastic recreation. Generations of travelers return here every year for the forests, lakes and trails. There’s also plenty to love about the county’s brewpubs. Head to the Minocqua Area for these gems: the Minocqua Brewing Company and Rocky Reef Brewing Company. They serve up a fresh mix of brews that offer perfect refreshment after a day in the great outdoors.