March 22, 2010

All Things Mustard in Middleton

The new National Mustard Museum is a one-of-kind experience for fans of the condiment—and the just plain curious

It isn’t surprising that there’s only one National Mustard Museum in America. What is surprising is that it’s located right here in Wisconsin.

In Middleton’s historic downtown, at the corner of Hubbard Avenue and Parmenter Street, you’ll find this one-of-a-kind mecca to mustard. The museum is a creation of Barry Levenson, an energetic man who will quickly convince you that mustard really is the condiment of kings.

Levenson has assembled a collection that includes more than five thousand jars, bottles and tubes from all 50 states and more than 60 countries. It’s all there for visitors to see, enjoy and even taste.

Visitors looking to really immerse themselves in mustard, so to speak, can choose to stop by the “Mustard Piece Theatre” to see such classic films as “Mustard: The Spice of Nations.” If you really feel in the mustard spirit, you are invited to sing the “Poupon U Fight Song.”

In addition to the mind-boggling array of mustard exhibits and displays, visitors can shop for more than 400 varieties of mustard.

As owner Barry Levenson likes to say, “Be prepared to be entertained!”

The National Mustard Museum is just one of a growing list of culinary attractions in Middleton. Other great stops for foodies in Middleton include the world-renowned Capital Brewery, maker of a long list of award-winning lagers and ales, and Clasen’s European Bakery, specializing in more than 300 mouth-watering products baked from scratch.

Middleton restaurant Louisianne’s ETC is arguably the best Cajun restaurant outside the Bayou region. And across the street from Louisianne’s, the Hubbard Avenue Diner serves an array of American classics, including the best pies you’ll find anywhere. Sound mouthwatering? Wake up your taste buds this spring in Middleton.

Learn more about these and other one-of-a-kind Middleton attractions.

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