March 11, 2013

Art in the Outdoors: Two Wisconsin Sculpture Parks

When the snow melts from the Wisconsin landscape, the hills and valleys quickly grow green with the sunny spring days. It’s a magical time to be out walking: birds are returning, the trees are budding and there is a strong sense that winter is behind us.

Two of Wisconsin’s most interesting spring walks put a new twist on taking a stroll. The West Bend Sculpture Walk and the Stevens Point Sculpture Park present excellent walking trails with wonderful outdoor sculptures.

West Bend Sculpture Walk by Jacob Ciszny

The West Bend Sculpture Walk is made up of more than 25 works of modern sculpture placed along West Bend’s scenic Riverwalk. The sculptures have been created by internationally known artists as well as sculptures from throughout the U.S. and the local community. The inventive and sometimes puzzling sculptures help the viewer see the landscape in a whole new way. In the spring, these sculptures are particularly powerful. Visitors to West Bend should also be sure to stop by the new Museum of Wisconsin Art, which houses a huge collection of art by Wisconsin artists.

Stevens Point Sculpture Garden

The Stevens Point Sculpture Park is another great place for a spring walk. Set on 20 acres, the park features art from artists from around the Stevens Point area and the nation. The landscape varies from pine forests to wetlands. Unlike the West Bend Sculpture Walk, where the art tends to contrast with the landscape, most of the works in the Stevens Point Sculpture Park find harmony with the natural surroundings. It’s a peaceful place to enjoy a warm spring day.

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