Big, Beautiful Fall Views

These three nature opportunities offer trails and terrific views

Wisconsin’s gently rolling hills, numerous woodlands and excellent hiking trails make it a great place to see the unfolding of the fall season. The landscape changes slowly, with a few patches of yellow and orange appearing on the hilltops and then spreading over a period of days to envelop the whole countryside. It’s a transformation that takes more than a month and should not be missed. Here are three of the best places to see the autumn transformation for yourself.

Castle Mound
Located in Black River Country, the Castle Mound recreation area is among the most breathtaking fall hotspots in the Black River State Forest. In addition to being a popular place to camp, it’s a great place to hike and get a view of the surrounding area. A hike to the top of Castle Mound gives you a chance to gaze out at the oak trees and maples changing colors amid the pines. Find out more about Castle Mound.

Kettle Moraine
Just north of the charming community of West Bend, you’ll find the Northern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest. Horse trails, hiking trails and mountain biking trails form a huge network across the forest’s hilly topography. Kettles, moraines and eskers are just a few of the glacial formations you’ll see in the forest. The landscape is gorgeous and the fall color viewing options are endless. Find more information about the forest.

Ice Age Trail
Rusk County is home to a scenic stretch of the Ice Age Trail. The segment that runs through the southern part of Rusk County passes a number of unique rock formations. The most interesting formations are known as felsenmeers, which are fields of jagged rocks. But it isn’t the rock formations you’ll be staring at when the forests that line the trail burst into dazzling color. Learn more about the Ice Age Trail and other Rusk County area trails.

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