June 3, 2013

Cooling Off in Wisconsin

Summer can get pretty hot in Wisconsin. The heat can be a welcome respite after a long, snowy winter. When the mercury soars and you need to cool off, you’ll find a lot of options.

Some of Wisconsin’s smallest lakes offer some of the state’s best beaches. One of the best little beaches is Sunset Lake Beach in the Stevens Point area. The beach is located on the east side of this 60-acre lake. It’s the perfect place to swim or just sit on the shore and take in the scenery. The lake is ringed with forests and the steep banks and presents visitors with a lush green expanse of vegetation. It’s a relaxing place to be in the summer.

Swimming by Carolyn Metz

Another great spot for a dip is Crystal Lake Beach in Boulder Junction. This beach is conveniently located at the end of a bike trail that starts in downtown Boulder Junction. Bicyclists looking to cool off after a long ride can just hop right into the cool, clear waters of Crystal Lake. Another swimming option in the Boulder Junction area is Nichols Beach, also located along a biking trail. Biking and beaches seem to go hand in hand in Boulder Junction!

Middleton Splash Park

A great place for kids to cool off is the Splash Pad in Lakeview Park in Middleton. Each of the brightly colored water features is hands-on and interactive, letting kids really get involved in the fun. The charming Lake View Park features short walking trails, picnic areas and a small pond. It’s a fun, safe place to bring the kids this summer.

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