Cure Winter Blues With Big Spring Views

Some surefire spring sights

Winter in Wisconsin sometimes likes to linger a little longer than we’d like. One of the best ways to shake off the cobwebs and lift your spirits is a quick getaway to somewhere you can see something beautiful. It’ll change your mindset—guaranteed. Here are three ways to get a gorgeous glimpse of spring.

Sunny the Sunfish - Onalaska, WIThe Badger State’s Sunniest Scenic Overlook
Located just north of Onalaska, the Sunny the Sunfish Scenic Overlook is hard to miss. That’s because this small park by the side of the road is overseen by a giant replica of a sunfish.

After you’ve taken your mandatory picture with Sunny, head to the gazebo, where you’ll be treated to a panoramic view of Lake Onalaska and the Mississippi River Valley. Through the spotting scope, you’ll see the newly greened wetlands and rolling fields stretching on into Minnesota.

You’re also see birds, thousands of birds, depending on the weather. The overlook gives you a front-row seat for the spring migration spectacle. Swans, mallards, canvasbacks, bluebills and bald eagles all travel through this corridor, and Lake Onalaska is a favorite stopping place for them all.

If you want to take a closer look at the water, just take a walk down the stairway that leads to the river. At the bottom, you’ll run into the Great River State Trail, which runs for 24 miles northward to the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge, another great place to take in the spring migration.

For more information on Onalaska, which offers the region’s largest selection of lodging options, visit

West Bend RiverwalkA Stroll Along the River
The West Bend Riverwalk is the perfect spring stroll. Following the winding Milwaukee River, which is quite beautiful in this stretch, the Riverwalk allows you to enjoy peaceful waterscapes, the first green plants of the year and budding trees.

Along this three-mile route, you’ll encounter a number of outdoor sculptures, which are part of the West Bend Sculpture Walk. The Sculpture Walk is composed of 25 different works of art. The works were created by local artists and well-known artists from throughout the country.

The Riverwalk is located adjacent to historic Downtown West Bend where you’ll find shops, great museums and unique restaurants. For more information on West Bend’s attractions, visit

OrchidSpring Blooms Indoors
During a Wisconsin spring, occasionally the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. At Orchids Garden Centre and Nursery in Middleton, there’s something blooming, no matter the weather outside.

True to its name, the garden center specializes in growing and selling blooming orchid plants. Each flower and leaf is a natural work of art. If you decide you need to take an orchid home with you, the staff are experts in orchids. They’ll be able match you with an orchid that suits your horticultural skills and home environment.

If you just can’t get enough spring blooms, visit the Bruce Company, also located in Middleton. The Bruce Company is one of Wisconsin’s best gardening centers and features an unsurpassed selection of plants for both the indoors and outdoors.

For a complete list of shops and attractions in Middleton, visit

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