August 16, 2010

Fall Is For Romance—And Adventure!

Outdoor adventures perfect for couples

Just because you’re trying to be romantic doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some good-old-fashioned wilderness adventure. There’s no better way to foster bonding and romance than the shared experience of discovering beautiful new places, seeing wildlife and working together through challenges. Hiking, biking and paddling are extraordinary ways to create memories that last a lifetime.

The trick to a successful outdoor adventure is a finding a balance. You want some challenge, but you don’t want an outing that plays out like an episode of Man vs. Wild. We’re talking about shared experience, not shared war stories.

For those who are intimidated by the idea of plunging into the wilderness with their special someone, here are three ideas for outdoor fun that don’t require much in the way of courage or know-how. You’ll see that it’s easy to enjoy an adventure together.

Hiking in Oneida County, WINorthwoods Hiking
Taking a trek deep into the forest might seem too adventurous for some. However, you don’t have to hike for miles and miles into the forest to have a real wilderness experience. Many of the trails in Oneida County are actually trail systems made up of loops. That means you can start in one place and be assured that the trail will come back to where you started. Hikers can also choose the loop that suits their ability level.

A great example of such a trail is the Schlect Ski Trails, located just a few minutes south of Minocqua. A series of trail loops totaling two miles circle through the forest and around Schlect Lake. It’s a great place for a relaxing hike, and it’s one of dozens of similar trails in the area.

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Paddling in Dodge County, WI

Couple Biking in Onalaska, WISmooth Cycling
Onalaska, located at the midway point of the Wisconsin Great River Road, is the perfect destination for a romantic bicycling adventure. This community on the Mississippi River is the trailhead for the 24-mile Great River State Trail.

The Great River State Trail follows the Mississippi River as it winds its way up to Trempealeau. The trail surface is suitable for all types of bicycles and is quite level, making it ideal for riders of all ability levels. Best of all, the Great River State Trail offers incredible fall scenery. Views of the bluffs and breathtaking wetlands delight riders at every turn. Rewarding stops along the way include the observation deck at the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge and the scenic overlooks at Perrot State Park.

In addition to the Great River State Trail, bicyclists in Onalaska can connect to the 21.5-mile La Crosse River State Trail. The two trails are part of 101 miles of interconnected state trails that run through some of Wisconsin’s best bicycling country. All of the trails are relatively flat and quite scenic. You’ll also find amenities at regular intervals along the route.

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