October 17, 2012

Fall Tour of Wisconsin Oddities

With winter on the way, it’s easy to feel a little lethargic. Kick it into high gear this fall with a senseless road trip to see some Badger State oddities and unusual points of interest. Wisconsin is a land of fun-loving folks and downright eccentric characters. So, grab a camera, hop in the car and go see for yourself.

Barry of the Mustard Museum

We start our tour of Wisconsin oddities in Middleton, where the condiment known as mustard is elevated to such a height that it demands its own museum. The National Mustard Museum in Middleton is a humorous romp through the yellow world of mustard. But it’s also a seriously good place to buy one of hundreds of varieties of mustard. The museum offers several photo opportunities.

The next stop is Black River Country, where an orange moose greets visitors in front of the Best Western Arrowhead Lodge & Suites. There is a legend behind the moose that involves too many strange fictions to bear repeating. But the orange moose must be commended for its ability to lure travelers from miles around to have their picture taken beside him.

Sunny the Sunfish

Further west on the banks of the Mississippi River in Onalaska, you’ll find Sunny the Sunfish, a giant fish sculpture overlooking Lake Onalaska. Sunny is always honored when visitors have their picture taken with him. While you’re there, take advantage of the scenic overlook to gaze out at the Mississippi River. It’s a beautiful place.

Rhinelander Hodag

In northern Wisconsin, there’s a town some people call Rhinelander, but it’s better known as Hodag Country. Driving through this bustling Northwoods community, you’ll see evidence of the Hodag everywhere, on signs, in the names of businesses and, most obviously, in a giant Hodag sculpture in front of the Visitor Center. The Hodag would be flattered if had your picture taken with him.

Further north, in Vilas County, you’ll find the resort community of St. Germain and the giant statue of Chief St. Germain. Be sure to stand tall next to the chief when you have your picture taken.

Of course, there are more odd sculptures, strange museums and other interesting things to see in Wisconsin. Get out there and find your own weird and entertaining things. And be sure to take a picture!

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