August 23, 2011

Five Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack

Biker by Great River State Trail

Photo Credit: RJ & Linda Miller

Some items you should consider bringing along on your next trip to Wisconsin

Wisconsin offers a recreational bounty that’s unmatched in the Midwest. Hundreds of recreational trails, tens-of-thousands of miles of waterways, countless lakes and more public land than could be explored in a lifetime—it’s all waiting for you.

To fully enjoy Wisconsin’s recreational riches, it helps to have certain kinds of equipment. Here is a list of five things you might want to bring on your next trip to Wisconsin.

A bicycle – Wisconsin is one of the best places to bike in the Midwest. Bring your mountain bike and ride one of hundreds of Wisconsin mountain bike trails, like the renowned Great River State Trail. Or, just bring your road bike and pedal quiet country roads.

A canoe or kayak – Throw a canoe or kayak on top of your car and open up Black River. Or, drop your boat into any inviting body of water you see along the way to your destination—in Wisconsin, nearly every acre of accessible water is open to the paddler.

Birdwatching in the AutumnBinoculars – For birdwatching, binoculars are almost essential. But a good pair of binoculars can help with other tasks. Use your binoculars to scan a shoreline to find places to camp or stop for lunch or to get a better glimpse of beautiful landscapes from some of Wisconsin’s best scenic overlooks. Binoculars are outstanding for stargazing.

Your laptop computer – Having your computer along with you allows you to download maps, find places to paddle and learn more about area recreational options. When you book your lodging, ask about the availability of Internet access. Wi-Fi is available at a number of lodging properties, even in some of the most remote corners of Wisconsin. However, don’t let your computer ruin the “escape” aspect of your vacation!

Hiking in the Fall

Photo Credit: RJ & Linda Miller

Good shoes or boots – Nothing can ruin a trip faster than lousy shoes. Without good footwear, you’re going to be miserable. If you’re planning to hike the rolling Escanaba-Pallette Lake Trail, you’ll need a pair of comfortable boots. If you’re going to be strolling the trails of Middleton’s Pheasant Branch Conservancy, bring along some quality walking shoes. Blisters are not the mementos you want to bring home.

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