June 2, 2016

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Unique ice cream shops

Vacationing can be hard work. So, after a long day of fishing, shopping, hiking, biking, swimming and relaxing, a trip to the ice cream shop is the perfect way to unwind. Listed from north to south, here are four of the Dairy State’s most unique places to enjoy America’s favorite frozen treat.

What’s the Scoop Ice Cream Shoppe in Woodruff, Vilas County
If you’re in Vilas County, you need to stop by the Scoop Ice Cream Shoppe in Woodruff. The shop offers a whopping 33 flavors of Chocolate Shoppe brand “Super Premium” ice cream. The menu of flavors ranges from “Blue Moon” to “Zanzibar Chocolate.” There are even several no-sugar-added flavors. Scoop Ice Cream Shoppe also specializes in thick malts and shakes and classic ice cream sundaes. If you want outstanding ice cream, head to the Scoop Ice Cream Shoppe. Need something washed? Bring it along! The shop is connected to a laundromat!

Lick-a-dee Splitz in Three Lakes, Oneida County
Serving Ice CreamLick-a-dee Splitz is more than just a great ice cream shop—it also offers some of the finest fudge and candy in the state. The fudge is made with real cream and butter. The turtle candies are made with the finest nuts and a rich chocolate shell. If you can make it past the fudge and candy, you’ll find 28 different dazzling flavors of ice cream. Taste them all at Lick-a-dee Splitz.

Ice Cream ConesHubbard Avenue Diner in Middleton
With art deco curves and clean décor, the Hubbard Avenue Diner looks like a true classic. But this diner goes well beyond standard diner fare, remaking a number of standard dishes in unique and surprising ways. You’ll also find a mouthwatering array of pies, cakes, cookies—and ice cream. Hubbard Avenue Diner really delivers in the ice cream department. Enjoy giant sundaes, luscious malts, fantastic floats and good old-fashioned ice cream cones. Whatever your preferred treat, you won’t be disappointed at Hubbard Avenue Diner.

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