Need an Excuse for a Spring Getaway? Try an Overnight Package

Special overnight packages and discounts are convenient and affordable

tulipsSpring is a great time to travel. After a long winter, it’s refreshing to hit the road and get a new perspective. The landscape coming back to life can be a beautiful sight to see. With fewer crowds, shop owners and other merchants have more time to talk with you. And, best of all, many hotels and other businesses offer travelers special packages and discounts during the spring.

Using an overnight package has many advantages. Overnight packages often feature a discount from the standard room rate. Many packages also come with added activities and amenities, such as meals or admission to area attractions. Packages are also convenient—you pay one amount and receive a number of trip components, which decreases your planning time and increases your relaxing time. Packages are often the ideal choice for last-minute planners.

Here are some Wisconsin travel destinations that are offering packages this spring:

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