March 12, 2015

On the hunt for the perfect curd

cheese curds

Dare to say cheese at the state’s tastiest dairy destinations

In Wisconsin, it’s all about the curd. Take a one-whey trip to cheesy heaven.

There are good curds and there are great curds. Wisconsin produces more cheese than any state in the nation and arguably some of the best cheese – and cheese curds – in the world. There’s no better place to go on a hunt for perfect cheese. A Wisconsin cheese lover who never travels without a cooler has a couple of suggestions on places to visit on your next cheese adventure.

Retail: Carr Valley Cheese Retail Store, Middleton.

La Valle-based Carr Valley cheese wins numerous awards for its traditional and innovative offerings. You can purchase its products at this convenient retail location. Carr Valley also sells outstanding curds and a batter mix so you can fry your own!

Inhale: Riverside Brewery & Restaurant in West Bend

Well, maybe you shouldn’t inhale these curds, but good luck not trying at the Riverside Brewery. This brewery whips up its own batter – with Riverside beer of course. When paired with a house-made ranch and a honey ale, these curds are to die for.


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