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April 30, 2014

State Bike Trails to Ride this Spring

Wisconsin is home to dozens of excellent state bike trails. Most of these trails are built atop railway beds, making them quite level. The surface makes this type of trail ideal for riders of every ability level. Here are four of Wisconsin’s best state bike trails.

West Bend Bike Trail

Eisenbahn State Trail – West Bend

The name of this 25-mile trail comes from the German word for railroad. The five-mile section of the trail that passes through West Bend is paved, making the Eisenbahn suitable for every type of bicycle. See the peaceful, rural countryside filling with green color as spring remakes the landscape. As the trail runs northward from West Bend, it passes just west of the Northern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, a storybook landscape of ridges and rolling green hills.

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Wiouwash Trail

Wiouwash State Trail – Oshkosh

The Wiouwash State Trail is the perfect place for a spring ride. The trail runs north from Oshkosh for 22 miles, passing through wetlands, prairies, patches of forest and sprawling farmland. The southernmost trailhead is located in Oshkosh at Westwind Drive. This trailhead is linked to Oshkosh’s Riverwalk via a series of local trails. That means a bicyclist starting in downtown Oshkosh can head straight out into the country, traveling along bike paths the entire way.

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Oneida Bike Trail

Bearskin State Trail – Oneida County

Pedal through the pines on the Bearskin State Trail. This 18-mile trail runs through classic white pine forests. The lakes and streams that the trail traverses are crossed by 13 train trestles. The trail surface is composed of compacted granite and is perfect for most types of bicycles. The trail was once the corridor through which trains hauled white pine logs out of Wisconsin’s northern forests. Today, it’s a haven for woodland birds and other wildlife.

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Oneida Bike Trail

Great River State Trail – Onalaska

Following the course of the Mississippi River, the Great River State Trail offers views of the river as well as the towering bluffs. The trail passes over 18 different waterways and crosses the Black River on a 287-foot former railroad trestle. The trail begins in the friendly community of Onalaska and runs for 24 miles to the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge – a great place to hop off your bike and spend some time on the refuge’s wetland observation deck. This is one of the best rides in Wisconsin and arguably the Midwest.

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