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December 6, 2018

6 Places to Visit in Middleton

There are many terrific places to travel to in Wisconsin, including Middleton. Today I’m sharing the places you must visit in this charming city from a delicious Greek restaurant to a high-end children’s store. If you missed my two previous posts about Madison’s neighboring town, you can read them here: “Mini Family Vacation to Middleton, WI” and  “Where to Stay and Dine in Middleton, WI“.

Tradition Market

Right in the heart of Middleton, there’s the most lovely children’s store I’ve ever been to. It’s called Tradition Market. This store is beautifully decorated with mobiles hanging from the ceiling, a wooden playhouse, and mid to high-end clothing. Our kids had fun playing with wooden trucks and inside the playhouse while I shopped for gifts.  

National Mustard Museum

Right near Tradition Market, there’s a famous National Mustard Museum. You can taste over 5,000 varieties of mustard, in this fun, family-friendly museum. If you are a mustard and sauce enthusiast, this place is for you! For anyone looking to spice up their travels, this is also a fun spot to stop in, as it’s free of charge!



Free House Pub

If you are looking to get a drink in Middleton, look no further than the Free House Pub. This cozy pub has a good atmosphere and a great drink menu. Whether you want a quick drink or dinner, this spot has both. If you prefer to stop in for a drink before grabbing dinner elsewhere, it’s within walking distance of Villa Dolce, which we really enjoyed.

Fontaine Home

Shop handpicked home decor and holiday items at Fontaine Home. Located at Hubbard Avenue, this store is a must see if you want to find unique gifts for the holidays. I was mesmerized by the beautiful Christmas decor and other festive home and bath items that they had in store.


Greenway Station

Go to the Greenway Station shopping center for fashion, home goods, and delicious food. This open mall was only 3 minutes away from our hotel, and where we had great Greek food at Freska.

Middleton Historic Museum

Built over 150 years ago, the Middleton Historic Museum is a great place to learn about the history of Middleton and the Rowley family. They lived in that house for 120 years, before their home became the museum. The museum is also located in the heart of Middleton so you won’t miss it.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this series of posts about Middleton, WI!



November 26, 2018

Mini Family Vacation to Middleton

Last weekend we had a mini family vacation to Middleton, Wisconsin. Middleton is a suburb of Madison and is just two hours west of Milwaukee. Thanks to Wisconsin Travel Best Bets, we had the opportunity to visit and explore this charming town.

We hit the road Friday afternoon and drove straight to our hotel, The Residence Inn by Marriott in West Middleton. Our hotel was in a commercial area next to a very nice outdoor mall (Greenway Station). Only 5 minutes from downtown Middleton, our hotel’s location made traveling with children convenient.

On our first night in Middleton, we went out to eat at Pizza Brutta, a favorite pizza restaurant amongst the locals. It was an easy choice since the reviews were amazing and everybody in our family loves pizza. Their thin crust, fire-baked pizzas were delicious and super flavourful.

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel to go swimming in the indoor pool. Needless to say, that was my oldest son’s favorite part of the trip. He went swimming every night.

The next day, we woke up early, ate a big breakfast at our hotel, and went to explore the downtown area. We had a few places in our checklist that we wanted to go, but we also left our days open for anything new that came along. Our Saturday was filled with shopping, good eats, and walking around town. We went to the Mustard Museum and had so much fun sampling all the different kinds of mustard. I didn’t know it was possible to have so many! The rest of the day we spent shopping around town and even went to West Towne Mall to take advantage of the pre-Black Friday deals.

On the last day of our mini vacation getaway, we went to the Greenway Station to eat at Freska Mediterranean Grill. We were very excited to find out that the owner of the restaurant is Greek since my mother-in-law comes from a Greek family. The food hit the spot and made for a perfect lunch.

I have to say, we didn’t know what to expect going to Middleton. We were surprised by all of the wonderful shops, restaurants, and overall hospitality. My family and I are definitely planning on going back to Middleton for the weekend or even to spend the day. We love weekend trips where we don’t have to drive too far to have a good time.

Thank you so much for reading! More posts about Middleton coming up this week. Now tell me, have you been to Middleton?


November 5, 2018

Family-Friendly Activities in Marshfield

We had the pleasure of visiting Marshfield which is located pretty much in the middle of Wisconsin. It’s about 2 hours away from Madison so it was a fun mini road trip. I have never been to Marshfield so I wasn’t sure what to expect once we arrived.

I’m a planner when it comes to planning vacations or getaways especially because I have two boys. I need to make sure they are entertained. Kids get bored easily. I definitely looked up places before we arrived. After visiting these places I highly recommend taking your kids to these places if you’re ever in the Marshfield area.

Wildwood Zoo & Park

This isn’t the average zoo that you’ll see in your town/city. We didn’t get to the animals you normally see at the zoo. Instead, we got to see quite a few wild animals. Like large meals, raptors/other birds, reptiles, small mammals and non-residential animals. We got to see the Kodiak Bears, Mountain Lion, Canada Lynx, Timber Wolves, White-tailed Deer, American Bison and Elk, Bald Eagles, Great Horned Owls, Peregrine Falcon, Red-tailed Hawks, Sandhill Cranes, Black-tailed Prairie Dogs, White Arctic Fox, and Gray Fox.

In order to see the Large Animals, you do need to drive in the park to see them. Which is cool and you can definitely see them at night since the “drive” park is open until 10. Otherwise, you can walk into the park to see the other animals. It is FREE which is nice if you’re trying to be on a budget.

Jurustic Park

This was a pretty neat little area. I was impressed by how each of these amazing designs was created by metal. The couple that owns the park actually create them and display them outside their home. You can even purchase a few of their handcrafted pieces but they are not sold online. So they will not ship them. We were so impressed and how much work goes into creating these. Another free option when traveling to Marshfield.

Governor William H. Upham House

This was another fun thing to do when we were here. We got to learn about Wisconsin’s first Governor William H. Upham and take a tour of his house. When we got there they were in the middle of decorating for Christmas which was exciting to see. We definitely learned a lot and highly recommend going here if you’re a history junky or just love to learn about history.




August 26, 2013

Three Fun Ideas for Short Vacations with the Kids this Fall

Northwoods Children's Museum

Northwoods Children’s Museum

Fall is a great time to travel with the kids. With the hot summer weather behind you, traveling is easy and comfortable. But, with children back in school, weekend trips are in order. Here are three cool ideas for short vacations with the kids this fall.

Wisconsin River Cruise

Looking for a fun way to enjoy fall color? Take a cruise aboard the Wilderness Queen in Rhinelander. Throughout September and through the first two weekends in October, visitors can take a scenic cruise along the Wisconsin River. See the birches and maples blazing with color. Watch bald eagles and keep an eye out for deer and other animals that come to the water for a drink. It’s an activity that’ll entertain young and old alike. Find out more about Wisconsin River Cruises and other things to do in Rhinelander.

A Museum Made for Kids

Take a trip to the Northwoods Children’s Museum in Vilas County for 23 interactive exhibits. Kids can learn about science, nature, history and medicine through hands-on activities. The museum is located in the friendly Northwoods community of Eagle River. Surrounded by forests, Eagle River is dazzling in the fall. Hop in the car and head north to this fun museum. Get more information about the Northwoods Children’s Museum.

Family Paddling Trip

A paddling trip on the Flambeau River in Rusk County is an unforgettable adventure. Most of the river offers fairly easy paddling, with miles of quiet stretches punctuated by occasional rapids. Where the river runs through the Flambeau River State Forest, you’ll find riverside campsites. Further downstream, the river widens into large flowages, perfect for fishing. Learn about some of the most popular paddling trips on the Flambeau River.


June 3, 2013

Cooling Off in Wisconsin

Summer can get pretty hot in Wisconsin. The heat can be a welcome respite after a long, snowy winter. When the mercury soars and you need to cool off, you’ll find a lot of options.

Some of Wisconsin’s smallest lakes offer some of the state’s best beaches. One of the best little beaches is Sunset Lake Beach in the Stevens Point area. The beach is located on the east side of this 60-acre lake. It’s the perfect place to swim or just sit on the shore and take in the scenery. The lake is ringed with forests and the steep banks and presents visitors with a lush green expanse of vegetation. It’s a relaxing place to be in the summer.

Swimming by Carolyn Metz

Another great spot for a dip is Crystal Lake Beach in Boulder Junction. This beach is conveniently located at the end of a bike trail that starts in downtown Boulder Junction. Bicyclists looking to cool off after a long ride can just hop right into the cool, clear waters of Crystal Lake. Another swimming option in the Boulder Junction area is Nichols Beach, also located along a biking trail. Biking and beaches seem to go hand in hand in Boulder Junction!

Middleton Splash Park

A great place for kids to cool off is the Splash Pad in Lakeview Park in Middleton. Each of the brightly colored water features is hands-on and interactive, letting kids really get involved in the fun. The charming Lake View Park features short walking trails, picnic areas and a small pond. It’s a fun, safe place to bring the kids this summer.

Learn more about these and other fun summer destinations.