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January 30, 2014

Go on a Sweet Getaway

Wisconsin is a pretty sweet place to visit

Take a tour of Wisconsin and sample the state’s many excellent candy shops and bakeries. Shop for fine chocolates and more at an eclectic shop in Stevens Point. At a small bakery in Middleton, savor baked goods made with the finest ingredients on earth. Visit an amazing artisan candy maker in Oshkosh. It all add up to one sweet getaway.

Sugar Doll

Sugar Doll – Stevens Point

As soon as you walk into Sugar Doll Chocolates, located at 1336 Strongs Avenue in Stevens Point, you know you’re in a very unique place. The shop is filled with a huge variety of stationery, greeting cards, journals, writing paper, pens, interesting gifts and, of course, lots of chocolates, truffles and candy. You’ll find Moonstruck Truffles, Asher’s Chocolates, a variety of gourmet licorice, petit fours and lots of 25-cent candy. The shop’s non-candy merchandise is as enticing as the chocolates. The shelves are filled with fun and sometimes irreverent items you’ve probably never seen before. Any visit to Sugar Doll Chocolate Shop is sure to be entertaining.

Bloom Bake Shop

Bloom Bake ShopMiddleton

In charming downtown Middleton, you’ll find Bloom Bake Shop at 1834 Parmenter Street. This bright, cheerful shop is home of some of the most delectable baked goods in the state. Their cupcakes are widely thought to be among the best anywhere. The shop’s whoopie pies, brownies (several varieties), lemon bars, cookies (many varieties), hot chocolate and coffee are simply to die for. In addition to out-of-this-world traditional baked goods, Bloom Bake Shop features gluten-free baked goods as well as vegan versions of some of her favorite treats – on an average day, the shop will have between six and eight gluten-free items available. There’s something for everyone at this colorful shop.



As you drive to Hughes Home Maid Chocolate Shop, located at 1823 Doty Street in Oshkosh, you’ll probably think, “This can’t be the right place.” After all, who would expect to find one of the country’s best candy makers located in the middle of a residential neighborhood. But Hughes’ Home Maid Chocolate Shop sells some incredible chocolates in a variety of flavors, including meltaways, toffee, caramel, nougat, pecan clusters, coconut, vanilla and more. You’ll find dark chocolate and milk chocolate, cherry cordials, double chocolate oysters and vanilla cream oysters. Sink your teeth into a Hughes Home Maid chocolate and you’ll become an instant convert. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind candy shop. Be sure to call before you visit (920-231-7232).

These three shops are all worth the trip. Need another excuse to hit the road and start sampling the sugary goodness? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you can never go wrong buying something sweet for your sweetest. Hit the road and head to Wisconsin today!


April 2, 2013

Three Stops for Candy Shops

Sugar Doll Chocolates

Candyman on Main — West Bend

Located in downtown West Bend, the Candyman on Main has been making and selling candy for the past 30 years. The clean, bright store is filled with an endless variety of colorful candies, from jelly beans and gummi bears to old-time favorites like candy buttons and candy sticks. The shop also carries a number of excellent chocolates, including some made in the shop.

For those looking for something other than candy, try the Candyman’s homemade cheesecorn or some Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. And, if you’re looking for something without so much sugar, the shop has a wide variety of sugar-free chocolates and candy.

Sugar Doll ChocolatesStevens Point Area

This shop is packed with fun things, from funny gifts and delightful stationery to handmade journals and jewelry. And, of course, the shop offers a variety of interesting candy. Sink your teeth into chocolate truffles. Indulge in delectable chocolates. Buy some old-time candy and try some of the animal-shaped truffles from the Moonstruck Chocolate Company.

Many items in Sugar Doll are made by local artists. Each item in the shop is interesting and expresses the owner’s wry sense of humor. It’s hard not to have fun in this eccentric little shop.


If you’re looking for something sweet to eat, you need to hightail it to one of Oshkosh’s two Oaks Candy Shops. Established in 1890, Oaks Candy Shops are truly old-fashioned, offering a mind-boggling variety of candy and all the delightful sights and smells you’d expect.

Meltaways, nut-rolled candies, soft centers, fudge, clusters and candy bars – you’ll find it all. There’s even a healthy supply of roasted nuts for you to enjoy. In addition to chocolate delights, you’ll find a colorful variety of specialty candies. These two shops are amazing.