The 3 Beers You Must Try at Stevens Point Brewery

Location: Stevens Point Area

by @a.girl.rates.beer on Jan 14, 2019

The Stevens Point Brewery has been in business for over 160 years. With that much experience under the belt, Point Brewery tours offer a unique look into the history of brewing and how the craft has put Stevens Point on the map.

Pro tip: they are only open for tours, there is no tasting room unless you go on a tour! The tour is $5 and you get 3, 8oz tasters and a souvenir pint glass. There are many opportunities to earn another taster coupon while on the tour so make sure you brush up on your beer/Point brewery facts before you go!

I really had a great time on the tour! Our guide knew a ton about the history of Point which is what makes this brewery so special! This is the original building where they started brewing way back in 1857, so just looking around makes for an incredible trip through time! The tasting bar has a wide range of options from craft sodas to pilot brews that you can only get there and at Point burger bars. If you want to try one of their sodas, I recommend the Diet Root Beer…it was incredible! I won’t spoil the rest of the tour, but it really is a must-do when in Stevens Point!

Let’s break down some of my favorites from the tasting room (in no particular order!)

Snow Pilot- Pistachio Nut Brown 6% ABV

This is the only one that I will talk about here that is widely available. For the rest you’ll have to make your way to Stevens Point or a Point Burger Bar! I’ll admit that I’m partial to pistachio beers, Milkstachio from HopButcher/DryHop is one of my all-time favorite beers. While this beer doesn’t have that milk factor, it packs a nice pistachio flavor. Its fairly light in body which makes it nice to have a couple by a fire with friends.

Peanut Butter Porter- Porter 5.8% ABV

This beer might have been my favorite! It is packed with peanut butter flavor, so you have to be a big fan of peanut butter to enjoy it. I’ve had a lot of beers that just fall flat on the peanut butter so this was a nice change!  I loved that it was full bodied but had a lower ABV. The low ABV was a nice contrast to other peanut butter beers I enjoy such as Ballast Point’s Peanut Butter Victory at Sea. Ballast Point comes in at 10% so I can’t have more than half a glass but the Point version is much more drinkable for me.

Whole Hog Cuppa Espresso Stout- 6.5% ABV

This is a very coffee forward beer, so if you like to drink coffee you will love it! The flavor is strong and roasty with a lighter body. I really liked that a lot of the Stevens Point Brewery beers were lower in ABV and lighter in body. It’s nice to see flavorful beers not be overly heavy or high in alcohol. If coffee isn’t your favorite thing, they have a white stout that I would equate to coffee with creamer and vanilla.




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