Two Incredible Courthouses

Courthouses are built to convey the power of the judicial system. They’re impressive buildings, often with many ornate features. In Wisconsin, there are a number of interesting courthouses.

Courthouse in Rhinelander

One such courthouse is the Oneida County courthouse, located in the Northwoods community of Rhinelander. Set at the center of town, the regal courthouse is the focal point of the community. Perched atop the courthouse is a Tiffany glass dome. It’s an impressive sight and one you might not expect in the forests of northern Wisconsin. Every year, the annual Art Fair on the Courthouse Lawn takes place on the grounds of the courthouse. This year’s event is June 8th. Learn more about the event.

Old Courthouse by Stephanie Bintz in West Bend

In the center of West Bend in southeast Wisconsin sits a very different looking courthouse. Clad in brick, the courthouse was built in 1889 in the Richardson Romanesque Revival  Style. Today, it houses one of the finest local history museums in the Midwest. Visitor will learn about the history of the area from the Ice Age to modern times. Plan your visit to the Old Courthouse Museum.

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