March 11, 2013

Two Local History Museums You Don’t Want to Miss

This spring, take a trip back in time at two of Wisconsin’s best local history museums.

Oshkosh Public Museum

Located on Fox River and the western shore of Lake Winnebago, Oshkosh was once an important center of the lumber industry. Logs floated downriver from the forests of the north were cut into boards in Oshkosh’s huge mills. The Oshkosh Public Museum tells the story of that era through a series of interesting exhibits that includes a massive model of one of Oshkosh’s lumberyards in the 1800s. The museum also features exhibits about the region’s lakes, rivers and wetlands. Some sections of the museum are devoted to children, making the Oshkosh Public Museum an ideal destination for families.

Old Courthouse Museum

The Old Courthouse Museum in West Bend tells the story of the community, from the Ice Age to its earliest European settlers. The building that houses the museum is a towering, red-brick, Romanesque Revival style courthouse. The museum is packed with photographs and artifacts from West Bend’s past. History buffs will also want to check out the Old Jailhouse Museum, located next door. And while you’re in West Bend, don’t miss the new Museum of Wisconsin Art, housing an extensive collection of works by Wisconsin artists—the grand opening is April 6.

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