April 19, 2012

Two Quiet Memorials

You probably haven’t heard of these moving Wisconsin memorials

The Stevens Point area is home to the Korean War Memorial of Wisconsin. Located in Worzella Park in Plover, just off I-39/US 51, exit 153. This quiet memorial is simple, yet profoundly moving.

The memorial is located on a small island in Lake Pacawa beside a small stand of pine trees. The island is accessible by a walkway. Amid an expanse of water stand five figures: a nurse, an Army infantryman, a Marine infantryman, an Air Force pilot, and a Navy sailor. These five sculptures stand in memory of all Korean War veterans who served from Wisconsin.

The figures face east, towards Korea. There are no weapons depicted in the sculptures, confirming the veteran’s wish for peace. Indeed, the setting and the sound of wind through the pines gives this place a palpable sense of peace. If you are in the Stevens Point area, you shouldn’t miss this moving memorial.

The Black River Falls honors veterans from all wars. Surrounding a 32-foot flagpole, you will find stone monuments honoring the veterans of World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. In addition, two 25-foot flag poles honor the state of Wisconsin as well as prisoners of war and those missing in action. It’s a moving memorial.

Planted throughout the pentagon-shaped memorial are flowers and ornamental shrubs. These beautiful plantings, along with a lush, green, expansive lawn, are meant to represent the peace and freedom America’s veterans have fought to preserve.

The memorial is located next to the Black River Area Chamber of Commerce, 120 N. Water Street, Black River Falls.

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