June 21, 2012

Wisconsin Art to Stir the Imagination

Wisconsin is home to an amazing variety of art and artists. In small galleries throughout Wisconsin, you’ll find paintings, sculptures, photography and other artistic creations expressing the unique sensibility of Wisconsin’s independent artists. Here are three interesting opportunities to tap into the creativity of the Badger State.

Scarabocchio Art Museum

When you think of the Stevens Point area—home of three breweries, the fantastic Green Circle Trail and the Conservation Hall of Fame—you should also think art. The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point’s Department of Art & Design is outstanding. The internationally known faculty helps to graduate exceptional artists each year. This in turn has fed the arts community of Stevens Point. The fruits of this symbiotic relationship can be seen throughout the city.

One of the best places to connect with what’s going on artistically in Stevens Point is the Scarabocchio Art Museum, also known as SAM. The museum is situated in Stevens Point’s charming downtown district at 800 Main Street. SAM is a joint venture between the City of Stevens Point and the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.

SAM features innovative drawings created by Dr. David L. Smith. It is also a venue for showing the works of other important artists. Every six weeks or so, a new exhibit is shown. In the upcoming months, exhibitions include everything from glass sculpture to painting. No matter when you visit, there’s always something interesting to see. See a list of upcoming exhibits.

Fine Arts Center & Gallery at Mount Scenario Center

Beneath the scenic rural landscape of Rusk County, the arts are alive and well. A great place to get a sampling of the artistic ideas fermenting in Rusk County is the Fine Arts Center and Gallery at the Mount Senario Center in Ladysmith.

Many of the works in the gallery are from members of the Rusk Area Arts Alliance, a highly active group of talented Rusk County artists. Alliance members include painters, fiber artists, dancers, writers, photographers and practitioners of just about every artistic endeavor you can think of.

In addition to displaying and selling local artwork, the Fine Arts Center and Gallery often features demonstrations by artists. Many of the volunteers who staff the gallery are artists whose works are being displayed in the gallery. These knowledgeable individuals will be able to answer some of the questions you might have about the art and the artists. Find gallery hours and plan your visit.

Go Out for a Gallery Walk

On the first Saturday of every month, from 6-9pm, residents and visitors hit the streets of Oshkosh to see the work of local artists. During the Oshkosh Gallery Walk, downtown businesses of every type become galleries showcasing paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, jewelry and more.

Each Gallery Walk features a variety of works. Multi-genre, collaborative exhibits are a part of most Gallery Walks. This type of collaboration reflects the interconnectedness of Oshkosh’s artistic community. It won’t take you very long to appreciate the fact that Oshkosh is fertile ground for the arts.

In addition to presenting interesting artwork, the Gallery Walks introduce to the public to businesses they might not otherwise know. From art galleries to Zumba studios, businesses of every type host works of every kind. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind work of art, you need to go on a Gallery Walk. Learn about upcoming Gallery Walks.

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