June 15, 2010

Wisconsin Treasure Hunting Destinations

Take a trip to these Wisconsin communities for incredible geocaching this summer

Geocaching is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in the world. And no wonder — there are few recreational activities that can be enjoyed by so many people. Young and old, ultra-athletic or just enthusiastic — everyone can enjoy this treasure-hunting game.

Geocaching is a treasure-hunting game played with a hand-held GPS unit. Participants search for hidden “caches” using only GPS coordinates and their ingenuity.

West Bend Cache BashWest Bend, in southeast Wisconsin, is one of the best places in the world for geocaching. More than 500 caches are hidden within a seven-mile radius of downtown West Bend. Historic architecture, beautiful nature areas and unique outdoor art abound in the community, making it one of the most interesting places anywhere for geocaching. The West Bend area is so widely renowned for its quality geocaching that it has become known as the “Geocaching Capital of the Midwest™,” a title that the community has thoroughly embraced.

In an effort to celebrate the sport of geocaching, West Bend holds an annual event on the second weekend in August entitled, the “West Bend $1000 Cache Ba$h™,” a name which the community has also trademarked. Hundreds of geocachers from around the world will descend on West Bend for a weekend of contests, special events and other geocaching-related activities. There’s even a class for those who are geocaching for the first time.

Find out more about geocaching in West Bend — visit www.westbendgeocaching.com.

For geocachers seeking some wilderness treasure hunting, the communities of Rhinelander and Boulder Junction are great places to go. As part of the Great Northwoods Treasure Hunt, geocachers can find hundreds of caches hidden in some of northern Wisconsin’s most scenic and interesting locations. Both Rhinelander and Boulder Junction offer a full range of hidden treasures, from easy-to-find to downright challenging.

Geocachers in Boulder Junction should keep their eyes peeled for the area’s white deer, a rare albino variation of the white-tailed deer that is found in unusually large numbers in this quiet resort community. And geocachers in Rhinelander should keep their eyes peeled for the Hodag, a creature of local legend – a number of area caches are Hodag-themed.

Learn more about geocaching in Rhinelander and Boulder Junction by visiting www.northwoodsgeocaching.com.

geocaching-box-and-bugRusk County is a great place to go for a wilderness geocaching adventure. Caches are hidden throughout Rusk County, luring treasure hunters to beautiful forest glades, sculpted riverbanks, winding forest trails and historic points of interest. Geocachers in Rusk County quickly discover why it’s such a great place to visit – lots of elbow room and incredible natural beauty.

Geocachers interested in fall color won’t want to miss the Rusk County Fall Geocache Contest, held in late September. Treasure hunters will search for 25 caches hidden throughout the county during a time when the trees are showing their best autumn shades.

While you’re in Rusk County, be sure to take advantage of the four great paddling rivers, dozens of fishing lakes and several outstanding trail systems, Rusk County is a popular destination for canoeists, kayakers, anglers, hikers and mountain bikers

For more information about Rusk County, visit www.ruskcountywi.com.

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