January 5, 2016

Your Best Bets for authentic Wisconsin delights

Two classic culinary experiences

Great food is alive and well in Wisconsin. Throughout the state, restaurants and specialty food purveyors keep Old World traditions alive. Amid this wealth of authentic flavors, four culinary experiences stand out above all the others. Get ready for foods that delight the palate and serve up a hefty dose of Wisconsin heritage.

European Heritage
When European settlers crossed the Atlantic and the wild lands of the American frontier, they brought with them the recipes of their native lands. Clasen’s European Bakery keeps many of these culinary traditions alive in Middleton.

The family-owned bakery specializes in more than 300 different, mouth-watering varieties of baked goods. Everything is made from scratch and the finished products are thought by many to be the finest in the Midwest. Breads and rolls, fifteen varieties of cookies, tarts, tortes and cakes, classic Danishes, flakey croissants, morning buns, kringles, strudels, Swedish braids, cream cheese coffee cakes, petit fours—the list goes on and on.

Next time you’re in Middleton, stop by Clasen’s European Bakery, grab a cup of coffeedessertsunrise and start selecting delectable delights. It’ll be an experience you won’t soon forget.

In beautiful Land O’ Lakes, the Sunrise Lodge serves a dessert from the old country you won’t want to miss. The restaurant’s fresh strawberry schaum torte is an old fashioned dessert that far too few restaurants serve today. The torte is a classic Austrian dessert and the Sunrise carefully makes the torte on a delicate meringue shell.

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