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Wisconsin is a state for explorers. Scenic byways, engaging attractions and tempting roadside stops make driving through the Dairy State unforgettable. With more than 112,000 miles of roads, streets and highways, there are plenty of great driving options in Wisconsin. The only question is what to pack. Here are some road-tested tips that will help you get the most out of your next getaway.


Make sure your vacation memories live forever. Take time to capture some special images that you can share with friends and family. If you have a nice camera, use it—but you can also make good use of your smartphone to capture photos and videos along your journey. Check out our list of Wisconsin photo locations and tips that will help you up your Instagram game.

Beach gear

Wisconsin is a state made for beach lovers. With more than 11,000 lakes, there are endless shorelines to discover, whether it’s a hot summer day or a warm fall afternoon. At the end of the day, you can sit back and see stunning Wisconsin sunset. Here are some of our favorite beaches in Wisconsin.

A cooler

When you find that perfect locally made cheese or handcrafted beer, you’ll want to bring some home. Food can also make a great gift for a housesitter, friend or family member. Pack a cooler and get this stuff on ice! Here’s some advice on how to take a foodie trip through Wisconsin.

Your appetite

Speaking of food, arrive at your destination a little hungry. There’s nothing like a relaxing meal after a day on the road, whether it’s at a classic supper club or a farm-to-table restaurant. Here are some Dairy State restaurants that are worth the trip.


There are a ton of free travel apps that can help you find the perfect trail, discover local attractions or keep your kids entertained. Here are a few examples of free tourism apps that you can use to improve your vacation.


Enjoy your hobby in someplace new—with an equipment rack and a little extra room in your car, you can discover Wisconsin’s best paddleboarding, road biking, mountain biking , fishing or golfing.

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